January 4th, 2007


x-country interviewing

I'm applying for PhD programs and got my first interview (Columbia) today. The actual interview is held on a Friday, with out-of-town students arriving the day before. Unfortunately, I TA a lab class on Thursday mornings, meaning that the earliest I could finish and get out of San Diego would be 1 pm, arriving in NYC at 9:30 pm. 

My question, for those who've made the coast-to-coast trek: is jet lag a large enough problem that I should switch out of my lab class and leave on Wednesday night instead? As much as I hate to leave my kids to their own mischief, I don't want to fall asleep in front of the professors I'm supposed to be impressing ... thanks for the heads-up!
mouse beaker

New rotation

The first few days of a new rotation are such a pain.

I feel so helpless -- I don't know where any of the solutions are, I don't know any of the lab's specific protocols, I can't find any of the machines. It took me about two hours today to pour an SDS-PAGE gel. (Note to self: Next time, ask for all of the reagents at once...)

The people in this rotation lab are super, and nobody's (visibly) annoyed that I keep asking so many questions, or that I'm taking up so much of their time by needing to be taught lots of techniques. But I will be much happier when I can do more things myself!