January 12th, 2007

drug testing

Why bother doing it at all if you're not going to do it right???

My boss keeps talking about how we're all just going through motions and not really doing the work that's the most important.

That said, may I present to you a few of the many ways that it is possible to screw up the calibrating of eppendorf pipettes:

1. Measure the air temperature but not the water temperature.

2. Instead of using water that has been sitting at room temperature for goodness knows how long, get water from the system that may or may not be at the same temperature, even though its the same water.

3. Throw away any concept of being able to use an eppendorf pipette accurately by whipping through this as fast as possible.

4. Pick and choose the data points you want to use based on taking numbers you like.

5. Instead of recognizing pipetting errors, be sure to keep them in the data you're averaging to skew the percent accuracy.

6. Don't bother to use the scale properly as to save time.

7. When someone tells you a better (though longer) way of doing something, tell them that you started off doing that but that its not important.

You know, its not like we need to be confident that these things are accurate to any degree in order to call our data good.
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neuroscience rocks

This morning I was biking to work and I realized that, somehow, in the process of skinning chicken (long story, don't ask) I managed to strain my trapezius to such an extent that I could no longer look over my shoulder without a JHFCZOMG lot of pain.

Today for lunch, I downed a medium coffee from Starbucks.

The pain is at a minimum now. Plus I'm f*cking wired...wheee!