January 16th, 2007


It *is* never ending

I thought that as of today I would have enough samples in each group to be able to stop doing experiments and focus on analysis for the paper I have been wanting to write for over a year. Sadly yesterday due to a stupid mistake I didnt have enough samples for that group (but I was only short by 1 which isnt too big of a deal). Then apparently last night the buggers for today have beaten the crap out of eachother rendering a bunch of them useless, so today I will be short by 3 (or 1 each in 3 categories). I am so damn mad. Especially because I am sending some equipment in to be fixed and thus wont have it to get more data for around two weeks. This seems like a never-ending saga where I think I am done and then for whatever reason have to increase my sample size, or I have to add on another experiment. I feel like I am never going to finish this set let alone graduate. ARGH
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What NOT to do when preparing samples for protein concentration measurements:
1. unscrew cap of the Coomassie Blue reagent bottle
2. shake the bottle vigorously
Thank goodness I was wearing my labcoat (which now has a lovely blue and brown splatter pattern ALL OVER IT).

Can't I write my thesis in peace?

It's 4:00 and I just finished showing 2 people I'm training how to count cells and do a growth assay.  Since I got back from my holiday, the understanding was that I was going to be working from home 2-3 days a week on my thesis because I have a hard time writing at work.  I've maybe spent one weekday working at home in the last two weeks.  Instead of working on my manuscripts which need to be submitted as soon as humanly possible or my thesis, which is going to be an ordeal (I'm pretty good at the bench and giving talks but suck at writing) I'm in the lab spending 75-80% of my time training these people.  To be fair, some of this is my fault.  My co-worker who should have been training one of these people is dealing with some really difficult personal stuff and I'm helping a friend out by relieving them of that responsability.  The other person I have to train was sprung on me by my PI before Christmas.  This person speaks no english and has no background in molecular biology.  They also leave every day at 4:00 and don't seem to be too motivated to learn stuff.  I'm kind of pissed because this is a HUGE waste of time I don't have to spare.  I can't really complain to my PI about this because I'll seem like I'm whining and she won't take it too well.  I might talk to the person who is frustrating me about being more motivated about learning and lab work so I don't feel like I'm wasting my time, but I don't know how to do that without being really insulting and somewhat insenstive to the whole language issue.
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PvP Brent Sienna

Tales from Industry issue 32

I’m sure everyone here has grown accustomed to people in their lives having no idea what you actually do for a living. Sure, you’re a scientist or more specifically, a chemist/biologist/geologist/*-ist but most people outside of work don’t know what exactly it is that you do in your lab.

Apparently, the people at my company I have no idea what I do.

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