January 24th, 2007

*Frustration boiling over*

I really really really hate working with Westerns.

Not because of the time, or the solutions that slop all over the place, or because it's not very quantitative.

Because of the amount of time it takes to amass a convincing amount of data (if you worked with my PI you'd know what I mean), and because Adobe PS Elements is a royal stick up the @$$, and because I, being the detail-oriented anal-retentive wench in the department, must have everything lined up neatly and can't stand leaving p's and q's astray....
Angels vice


Sometimes I just want to go postal.

If you knock over and break the anesthesia machine and don't tell anyone it doesn't get fixed.

Good thing I check the machine the day before someone's scheduled surgery but I still had a pissed off PI.

A week and $400 later it is fixed and working.
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Hell Kitty

Manners, damn it.

I know it is sicky season, but if I hear "HORK...HORK...SPIT" one more time from the other room, I am going to fucking kill who is doing it.

(No "free cultures!!" jokes; this is really disgusting.)
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Alright, kiddies - I know that some of you are only freshmen, but this is common sense.
You are in a shared lab. Using shared equipment. Some of that equipment will be used by those of us who are not freshmen, who are doing things that take the whole of a four-hour lab, and who would like to not have to wash all of the glassware before we start.
Clean it or I will hide it, I swear to you.
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