January 25th, 2007

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Dear Coworker,

Not only are you unreliable and can't show up for work at least 2 days a month screwing me over and making me work double shifts plus insane overtime the rest of the week to catch up on our workload, but now you're throwing our fucking data away!!!

I could wring your neck right now.

I know you hate our customer. I hate them to because alot of the extra work that they make us do is pointless and won't solve their problem. BUT that doesn't give you the excuse to throw away data just because you don't have the patience to document it! Sure, we're industry and the beverage industry at that, but we're also supposed to be scientists. You know, analytical and detail oriented people? What was the point of putting in 60+ hours in last week if we have nothing to prove it besides a nice fat paycheck?

That, and you know our customer can't make up it's mind and will ask three months down the line for all this data again and some extra stuff that wasn't included in the summary we sent them because it just makes the data messy and they can't see a 'yes/no' answer.

So, yeah. Thanks Coworker! Our data has so many holes in it, it's pathetic and it's all thanks to you and the fact you don't give a damn.


The Person who most wishes to run you over with our customer's Ford Explorer.
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