January 30th, 2007


Phylogenetics Software

Because spending dozens of hours out of the week in the bio cluster/lab has been less than to my advantage, I'm wondering if any of you know where I can good, robust Phylogenetics software for Mac OS X so I can do some 'thinking outloud' at home, where I can drink coffee and eat snacks to my heart's content (or, alternatively, my heart's demise) without worrying about death by stray reagents, or death by overzealous cluster manager. Plus, it allows me to chew up what little life I have left, and take work home with me. :)

The software needs to be free, robust, and able to handle distance and parsimony analysis at a minimum. I've dabbled with Phylip 3.66 here, but its just been complex and unforgiving; back up at the lab, I use Paup, since I'm familiar with it, and there's enough users to provide support.

Does anyone know of any good software I can use, without shelling out money?

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