March 22nd, 2007

PvP Brent Sienna

Tales from Industry issue 35

Background: Of the people who normally need reactor time, only Vincent and I are in the lab today and tomorrow, which means that we have to schedule our reactions for those days instead of doing them next week when there is more of a competition for reactor time.

Conflict: There is a group meeting planned tomorrow midday. This means that to use the reactors tomorrow, we would either have to come in very early (Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!) or stay late (Even more noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!).

Noah: OK, we need to decide who is using what reactors tomorrow.
Vincent: I want to run my reaction today but I’m not finished preparing my materials so I guess I’ll do it tomorrow.
Noah: You need to use the glass reactors?
Vincent: Yes.
Noah: How about you?
Me: Well, my one project which needs to be done in a pressurized system isn’t prepped yet but Scott (the PI) wanted me to do a study which I have to do in the glass reactors.
Vincent: Well, if Scott wants you to do it, it’s probably very important so you should take the reactors tomorrow.
Me: Nah, you haven’t been getting all the reactor time you needed recently so you can have it.
Vincent: No, no, I know you’ve missed running reactions because of office work. You can have the time.
Me: Well, I promised I’d work on fixing the automated reactor system so I should do that tomorrow, you can have the reactors.
Noah: Hmm. Big dates?
Vincent: Fuel Cells just got in a new batch of hot Lab Assistants.
Me: Totally hot.
Noah: Geez.
Me: Hey, you’re married. Why don’t you run a reaction tomorrow?

The fight is on.