April 2nd, 2007

chem draw?

Anybody know of an equivalent for Mac? Just throwing it out there.

ETA: Never mind. PubChem is awesome. Seriously, check it out. I almost wish I were in an orgo lab...but of course, that would mean that I'd have passed orgo to begin with :-)
Gir Zim

(no subject)

I'm pretty sure I've come to hate what I do. I'm into my 3rd year of my PhD but we're probably going to ask for an extension because of various problems we've had. However, I've realised that I dread coming into work. I stress over things all the time.

On top of this I've realised that I don't know if I can take the job insecurity and lack of forward progression in the science world. I can't face having to apply for funding every year or 2. I don't know if I can take not knowing if I'll still be in the same job from one year to the next. Also, it seems that career progression is something of a job. It seems that most new positions you'll get within the sciene career path are at best sideways moves and rarely a genuine "promotion".

I suppose I'm really starting to question if the career I decided I wanted at 16 is in fact not right for me at 25.

I'd really appreciate input and experiences.