April 27th, 2007


My stupidity will get me every time

I'm doing a simple gel extraction today. Nothing complicated. Just follow the instructions in the QiaEx kit. Suuure. I must have read the protocol 3 times through first (just so I don't happen upon a step halfway through that tells me I need to incubate, and I haven't turned on the water bath). Of course, I still manage to add the wrong buffer in step 1. They aren't even the same colour!

*head-desk* Hopefully it was all salvaged.
PvP Brent Sienna

Tales from Industry issue 37

Another chemist in my group walked into my office
Mike: I know you already gave it to me already, but I need you to resend me the data on the material you prepared for the reactivity study.
Me: OK, well, I got the NMR and the GPC data right here…
Mike: No, no, I need the GC data.
Me: OK, that’s in my notebook.
I give him the GC data
Mike: OK, I’m going to give this to Scott (the PI) so if you can come with me, I’d appreciate it.
We go see Scott
Mike: Here’s the data.
Scott: Good.
Looks it over
Scott: Is this the same for all the samples in the study?
Me: All the samples were made with this stock solution.
Scott: So, is it the same?
Me: It’s a stock solution.
Scott: So, yes?
Me: Yeah, cause it’s a STOCK solution.
Scott: Oh, right. So, they’d all be the same.

Most of the time, I have great faith in my PI. Other times, I get very worried (what chemist doesn’t know what a stock solution is?).

It really doesn’t matter though. I’m only going to be a scientist for 11 more weeks. After that, I’ll be a law student and I’ll probably never be in a lab again. (Oh, god, what have I done?)

My data imploded

It's all math ..and up till now I was SURE it would work ... but I'm back to square one.
** I'm going to go get drunk for a few days.
***I hate " black holes " .
**** I hate the universe in general.
:-P my "boss" sucks too !