May 2nd, 2007

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I hate marking undergraduate practicals, I hate marking fifty of them even more, I hate marking them when i've obviously spent more time correcting them than they have writing them even more than the previous- That is all!
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Con-A agarose column

(I don't know much about columns...)

A scientist in the lab does part of our protein purification over a Con-A agarose column. The usual agarose was not available so we had to order from another company. Despite performing the same protocol, the protein appears to be stuck on the column and will not come off.

I found some info online of people having heavily glycosylated proteins stuck on Con-A sepharose columns and they were recommended to try 2mM CaCl2 or 5-10 mM EDTA. I didn't know if this would work as well on the agarose column? I know we could probably use something harsh and change the pH but I think it will end up destroying the column in the process. Anyone have this problem before?