May 3rd, 2007

Shawn-Gus creep

Da**ed if you do....

My wife and I find ourselves in a variant of the Prisoner's Dilemma, which might be called the pre-Junior Investigator's Dilemma, and I'm posting here in the hopes of finding some guidance.

My wife is a lecturing Post-doc at a prestigious northeast (US) University, and spent the better part of the fall/winter seasons applying for junior faculty positions. Of the schools she interviewed at, she recently (about 1.5 weeks ago) received an offer from her 2nd choice school. Due to various reasons, they requested that she give them an answer quickly. (Initially, they even assumed she would be able to give them an answer after only a weekend's deliberation). At this point, they have given her a fairly ominous-sounding deadline for an answer on May 13th, just over a week away. No mention of what happens if she doesn't give an answer by then, but our assumption is that they will rescind the offer, and extend it to someone else.

The complicating factor is that her 1st choice school hadn't contacted her yet with any info about whether or not she's likely to receive an offer. Finally, after 1.5 weeks of chasing down the head of the search committee over the phone, she found out that she is their second choice for the position, and if the person they offered the position to turns it down, it will be offered to her. But they won't hear back from that person until the 20th, after the deadline for the second choice school.

There are (as always in these situations) many many factors going in to why we both prefer to be at the one university over the other, but suffice it to say, our lives will be significantly easier, fuller, and more in accord with our hopes and dreams at the first choice school. (Things like cost of living, post-doc prospects for me (I'm currently a grad student), ability to afford housing < 1 hr from work, proximity of family & friends, likelihood we could have children and afford daycare, the list goes on and on).

So, does anyone have any advice for us?

Obviously, first and foremost is to gently and gingerly probe second choice school for how solid that deadline is, but how can you do that without saying, there's somewhere else better than your school, and we'll only come if we have to?

Has anyone else been in this situation as well? How do you handle this? Is there an appropriate protocol?

Any help, suggestions, advice, etc anyone is willing to contribute would be greatly appreciated.


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Don't touch my F**ing stuff!

Apparently my bench is the absolute best place to raid stuff from.

I come into the lab today, and I'm puttering around. And I notice that someone has *dropped!!!* my pipettor between yesterday and today, and it's now cracked all along the barrel. Now my supervisor thinks *I* did it, and I don't have the use of a working pipettor without begging off of someone else.

AND to compound my outrage, someone had cranked one of my other pipettes WAY beyond its range. Excellent. Not even close to being calibrated now. I know its one of the three new 2nd and 3rd year undergrads in the lab, because none of the Master's students would ever crank it like that.

After getting over that outrage, I start working, and discover that my Eppi holder has gone missing, as has my loading dye.

Frick on a stick. Keep your grubby paws off my stuff! Not that I couldn't find another eppi holder, or some more loading dye, but its just inconvenient.
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