June 5th, 2007


Assay Company to the Rescue

Best customer service EVER! Last night I started a two-day assay with a couple of kits leftover from my former co-worker. I thought that since one of the kits was largely untouched, that naturally, all the reagents would be in there. You never really worry that your kits are not complete. Hopefully I will learn my lesson and never assume that again, because in neither of the kits was there any wash buffer. No wash buffer?! Panic ensues. I call the company, hoping they can give me an alternative. Instead, the guy starts taking down my information so he can talk to some people and get back to me.

When he finds out I'm in San Francisco, he says, "Oh. Hey, we're in Santa Clara! Well, maybe we can get you some replacement buffer soon then."
I reply, "You mean in the next couple of hours?"
"Sure. I know, I'll grab a few bottles and I can meet you halfway. What about San Mateo?"
"I know San Mateo very well, I live there."
"Great, I'll meet you there in thirty minutes!"

It was awesome! I drove down there, met the guy, my savior! He even matched the lot numbers of the buffer with the lot number of my kit. He's awesome! Best customer service in the entire world!!! I have to write a really nice letter to his company.