June 7th, 2007

Hyperventilating excitement

I started asking around for lab tech jobs, and I've got two interviews scheduled for next Tuesday...I can't wait for next Tuesday. I really can't.

I'm hoping to set a start date for my new life at some point in July--file all the paperwork with Institution regarding how to quit an MD/PhD program, take a trip to Holland for a few weeks--well, okay, more like one week to ten days--to see Boy (who may or may not have an apartment by that time) and possiby his mother (see the note about the apartment) and sister, who are both wonderful people.

And then?

We'll see. Art classes and the like, etc...I'll still be around, but griping about cells instead of my thesis.

It's my fault, but it still sucks :(

I'm trying to do a bactericidal assay. It's pretty simple, add bugs, add heat inactivated antiserum (ie antibodies) in different dilutions, incubate, add complement source, incubate, spot on to plates and allow to dry, incubate O/N, count bugs. Did they get killed?

First time: turns out I was using a complement resistant strain. Bugger.
Second time: dilution buffer was contaminated. Bugger.

I left the plates to dry for 10min or so, came back in the morning and said "well, I guess I'd better go count my bugs" and my friend replies "you mean the bugs on the plates that are still on the bench over there?" "ARGH!"

So I guess I'd better go back and do it a 4th time. :(