June 8th, 2007


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Dear you-know-who-you-are,

Thank you for dumping your duty of supervising the MSc student on me. It's not like I'm struggling to get everything done in the final year of my PhD. Oh, wait, it is. Seriously though, why take on a student if you're going to just hsip him onto me all the time?? As a result I have felt it necessary to work at home the last few days, just so I can get some of my own f-ing work done.

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Irritations in the lab are horrible.

I in particular cannot stand what goes on in mine, but yesterday just got to me.

I work at a Pharmacetuical company (recently changed jobs), and was in the middle of preping buffer for my HPLC mobile phase when my boss decides to call two people over, myself and another guy to have a "private conversation" about something. I thought I was going to get my ass handed to me and fired for no reason (they've done that to two others while I've been there) but no, it was about my goggles. Seems that management can have a "vendor" show, bring in products that we are supposed to be able to use, let us pick up some "samples" from the vendor show... and then tell us we can't use them. Since I'm a contract employee right now they won't buy me fancy protective side sheilds for my glasses (nor would I want them as its a chemical lab and those things don't save you from anything) but they give me the stupid slip over the glasses and slip off the face- woodshop type glasses. Soo.... I have a new pair of goggles that fit over them, seal nicely, and are just a great fit the whole way around. "but you'll have to be fitted for them" and "management won't allow those because they restrict your breathing" ...

Luckily the guy that is a full time employee went around our boss and just called Environmental health and saftey.... they came, they saw, they ok'd the use of our googles, and encouraged us to order more.

I love them. They don't fog no matter how hot it gets in the lab, and even if I look like a total dork, I'm protected against anything and everything that could spalsh in my eyes.
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