June 29th, 2007

I sure am dumb

Last summer, I got funding from a neat little program my school has for bio undergrads who want to stick around and do research. It wasn't very much, but it was pretty livable, and the program had cute little things like teaching you how to give a good talk and such.

This summer, since my PI didn't get his last NIH grant app approved, I have no funding (since by the time I found out about the bad news it was more or less too late to find independent funding for myself), and am living off of my savings while working to finish my project.

And I just realized, in retrospect, that there wasn't anything preventing me from applying again for the same program I did last year, although the program is generally structured around only a student only being in it once. One or two kids I know are now in it twice. I somehow didn't figure this out, and I don't know why.

At least my living expenses are minimal, but I sure feel stupid now.
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Dear Coworker,

Dear Coworker,

Please don't argue with me about your data not being valid due to your screw up and your apparant inability to look over your data in a timely fashion. If you had either a) looked over your chromatograms like you are supposed to when you processed your data or b) gotten this data to me to review prior to your samples going bad, all your samples could have been reinjected and you wouldn't have to spend 2 days rerunning everything.

So in short, please don't blame me for you having to waste time and rerunning all these samples. And don't waste my time trying to find a loophole in our SOPs for you so you don't look so bad.

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Has anyone here taken the GRE subject test in Biochem? If so, could you enlighten me with your impressions? How hard was it? Was it full of minutiae and arcane randomness? What did you find helpful in studying for it?


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I do fluorescence microscopy, we both know this. We all know that when the lights are off and the door is closed to the microscopy room you do NOT come in unless you want assorted boots up your arse. Knocking obnoxiously on the door will not make me abandon my samples to walk over to tell you you're a freaking idiot. And should you choose to lose your mind and open the door anyway, please don't leave it open for approximately 1000 hours so your eyes can adjust.

Oh, and if god forbid I should have to start screaming at you to close the door before you screw up my experiments again, and you respond with 'Oh well, too late now, hehe'  I will kill you. I promise.