August 4th, 2007


Not a gripe!

Oh man, I love my new job. Srsly. I just graduated with a B.S., and now I am working for a little while full time until I get my crap together and really decide where I want to go for grad school. (When, not if!)

Thing is, I like working here (MIT, Broad Institute) so much, that I don't see myself leaving it. I work as a process tech, but the 10 or so techs that I work with have really strong roles in process developement. We are continually asked for our input and out decisions are taken seriously. I've only been here two months, but I feel accepted like I've been here for longer than that.

Working here is like between academia and industry - people collaborate within the building and the whole goal is to work together (between 'platforms' - like individual labs) to sequence genomes and the technology that goes with them. (I work in the Solexa group). Eventually the technology gets sold to industry, but the people that work here are also professors at MIT. It's a truly unique place (and also hiring like crazy if anyone lives in the Boston area.)

Anyway, I just came in to ask if you all here battled with this at some point - leaving a job you like to go to school. I do know where my potential schools are (University of Arizona is my first - a long way from Boston!) but I really like this job! The only problem is that working here isn't completely what I want to study. We work on genomics, and I'm more of a toxicology/proteomics kind of girl.

What I've been doing is using the tuition assistance from MIT to pay for grad level courses so I can work on courses that I am interested in here and there before I devote myself full time. Any advice?