September 8th, 2007



Fuck this shit. I thought working Saturdays was a DEAL, because the things I have to do only take about 3-4 hours to do.(As opposed to the normal 8hr full time days I work Tues-Fri)

Sleep in, come in late, do stuff, have Monday off, get thanked on Tuesday.

but NO!

I wake up at 9, get in at 9:30 - that's when the shit starts.

I have repeat the damn protocol TWICE - IN TWO DIFFERENCE PLACES- keeping me here until 5pm. One was my careless fault, the others were the sucky sequencers acting like the sucky suckfests they are. No reagents for you! When I needed to image the data, everything finally looked beautiful, and I hope it stays in focus over the next three days. But that never, ever happens without some guidance (or us techs refocusing the images...)


When it came time to leave at 5:30, where did Amy leave her keys? IN HER FUCKING LOCKED CAR. SITTING RIGHT THERE ON THE SEATS, beckoning me to break the window.

No, no windows broken - a call home, noone answers. A call to the friend, who happens to be working in Boston tonight and would be the MOST CONVENIENT person to call, 10 minutes reply!

I called my father, about 45 mins away, and he is coming.

So I have to sit at work, with all of my work DONE, with my thumb up my ass and wait for him. I feel bad, but I feel more pissed at the fucking little lab gremlins that inhabit this building that steal my shit or fuck up my life on Saturdays (read: losing my ID last week..)

I want M-F back.
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