September 12th, 2007

double helix

Well, it was a good day.

So I'm cruising along my first ever chromatin immunoprecipitation. And I get to the last step before freezing the chromatin and aliquot my samples out, just to remember that I needed to do one more spin. No problem, right? Just pool the aliquots, spin, re-aliquot supernatant.

...Except I flip the last aliquot so 1 part of the heat-shocked sample goes in with three parts of the non-heat-shocked vial, and vice-versa.

Oh well, I say. I should still see an enrichment.

Then I spill half my heat-shocked sample.

Oh well, I say. I still have enough for IP.

Then I open the door of the 4 degree to get my box out. A glass solution bottle flies out and crashes on the floor.

I get the hint. I think I'm going to go hide in hole now.
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