September 14th, 2007


another open letter!

Dear Giant Lab Supply Company,

hey, just wanted to say thanks for donating that large piece of equipment to us! So what if it's a few years out of date. And so what if you didn't donate the camera and software needed to run it. And so what if noone else sells the needed parts, except you. And so what if you're selling them at a hugely inflated rate (more than the original equipment!) because you've discontiuned the item. And so what if our grant accountant won't approve spending that much as it cost more than a new item. And so what if we can't order a new one because the one you sent is in our inventory now and admin won't approve another one. And so what if i'm going to have to spend hours trying to straighten this out. And so what if the research is delayed.
Cause it's all about philantrophy, right? You guys really care.
thanks for the headache!