October 11th, 2007


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Hi, I'm new. Here, I go by Rogue. I'm a junior chemistry major at Hope College and I love it. I just failed the microscope portion of my introductory bio lab practical yesterday, and I decided to poke around livejournal for something CHEMISTRY related to pick me up. And this looks like a fun group to learn about nerdy science things/share the wonders of labs gone wrong. Because though I may suck at using a microscope for a class that I don't really need except to give me a boost in my bioCHEMISTRY class, by golly, I can run an NMR machine and GC/MS and kind of sort of not really know how to run a CV. I know more about Friedel-Crafts than anyone would ever want to know (trust me...)! Introductory biology, smiology--I did organic photochemistry research this summer and will be presenting at a conference next weekend at which the professor would like the students to go to just to listen for their seminar credits. HAH.

p.s. biochemistry is fun. way more fun than organic...which i didn't think was that bad at all. woot.

p.p.s. my labmate this summer suggested we create a communal lab notebook of all the things we learn by doing the experiments that may or may not have anything to do with the research, but everything to do with sanity. ie, using a large enough filter flask...oh, i have stories...they may pop up in here when i'm procrastinating...like i am now...

the end.