October 23rd, 2007


In my world, mice are the rate-limiting step in any experiment

I have a really busy day set up today. First order of business: dissecting mouse embryos for tissue culture. I ordered the mouse for delivery yesterday so she would be ready this morning.

I go down to the animal facility. No mouse. Two deliveries yesterday, neither of which were mine. I check my confirmation email -- yes, the delivery date was supposed to be yesterday. Where is the mouse? Nobody knows.

I do not have time for this today!

EDIT: I now have the whole story -- we have a new online animal procurement procedure, and the facility manager doesn't know how to use it, so all of the online orders submitted last week were approved yesterday (the day my mouse was supposed to be delivered). Animal procurement is really, really sorry. Yeah. Great. I can't start this experiment again for another two and a half weeks -- their apologies mean very little to me right now.