November 8th, 2007


update on previous post

I figured I should update on what has happened since I posted last. Thanks for the advice/words of encouragement. I'm still frustrated with how things were handled in the lab, but I am sticking it out, since I am so far into my program and only have 2 years max before I am able to graduate. I actually ended up talking to my PI in a very round-about way (I think he realized how the lab was feeling, and talked to everyone individually). While I still don't entirely agree with him or what happened, or how he handled things to begin with, we've reached an understanding about me and my work in the lab. It helps that I'm pretty independent in the first place, so as long as I can do my thing and be civil at this point, I think I can make it. Although I am much more observant and outspoken now when things happen that I find unprofessional, and I'll be calling them out now if I feel uncomfortable. Right now to keep my sanity and finish my degree, this is the best that I can do.

Freeware Recommendations?

Does anyone have any recommendations for some freeware that can compile JPEG or RAW images into AVI or MOV files? (This is only for a temporary fix while I work on programming a vi to do this in LabVIEW.)

Unfortunately, my advisor thought this small camera already did that, but it does not. Supposedly the company will be coming out with software to be "movie" software in January for un-buffered cameras, but I need video before Saturday to send with a co-PI on this project.

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