November 13th, 2007

Mad scientist

Freezer Squatting

Since we are running out of room in the -80, my PI decided that it was time to go through the racks and get rid of stuff we don't need anymore.  We keep finding boxes labeled with names we don't recognize.  Nor does anyone in the department. 

I hate freezer squatters.
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gfp mouse

what do you call these?

When we heat samples in microcentrifuge tubes in our dry bath, we take precautions against the tube popping open when the sample heats up. We have these little multicolored plastic "hats" that slide onto the tubes that hold them closed, even when the contents are under pressure. I found a product offered by VWR called a "Lid Lock" that is similar to what we use, except the Lid Lock just slides over the lip of the tube whereas our "hats" have a little... thing... sticking up off the top of them that provides an easy-to-grab handle for removing samples from the dry bath.

I've searched several vendor websites for everything I can think of and am having no luck; looking through our past supply inventory is equally unhelpful since I don't know the product name and neither does anyone else. I browsed some supply catalogs and found many types of microcentrifuge tube and accessories for them, but no hats. :-(

Does anyone know what I'm talking about? And more importantly, does anyone know what to search for so I can order more of them?!
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