December 11th, 2007

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So as a tech one of my thrilling jobs is to make tons of different solutions. Many of these solutions I never use myself, so we have a space on our whiteboard where people can write down solutions that are getting low, and I make more when I have time.

Today I saw "10% SDS solution" on the board. This is made by creating a 1:1 ratio of 20% SDS (which we buy as a stock solution) and water. I think this was written by a new lab member who doesn't know that, but I almost laughed when I saw it, as it probably took longer to walk over to the board and write "10% SDS solution" than it would have to dump some of each into a 50 mL tube.

What amazingly trivial tasks have been delegated to you recently?
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Snow day? No way

My office is closing at 3:30 because of the snow (I'm in Madison, WI). Unfortunately, I've been in the lab all day and they only sent out an email. We have a paging system that's used at least every five minutes. If they'd announced it that way, I'd be fine. But I'm now stuck in the lab until at least 4:30 because I started an SDS-PAGE gel about half an hour after the email was sent. Thanks for the heads up, guys. Most of that will be sitting around while I wait for it to finish running and stain. At least it will be quiet when I leave.