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May 24th, 2012

Help me lab gripes, you're my only hope [May. 24th, 2012|02:11 am]
Lab Rats


So I'm doing long-term fluorescent studies on Hela cells. Well, I used to do them in another lab, ever since we moved nothing is working anymore.

Whenever I now try to image, my cells die. I tried everything; different cell batches, different buffers, gentler transfection methods, but nothing works. Whenever I set up the cells on the microscope, they bleb and die. And I mean all of them. And even if I manage to image some before they die, that's really not the point of long-term measuring, you know? I am completely clueless, and the boss is getting impatient. I have installed a heating stage and use phenol-red RPMI supplemented with Glutamate and 15mM HEPES. I only remove FBS, which I don't want to interfere with my measurments. This has always worked before, a little starvation was always okay, but not anymore... any idea what could cause this? The cells look fine in the flask, but when I transfer them onto glass my problems start. :(
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