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June 29th, 2012

OMG [Jun. 29th, 2012|12:58 pm]
Lab Rats


The title of this post just about sums up everything that I heard yesterday:

I went to Maastricht at the request of the committee investigating the plagiarism issue, and they were nice enough (they seemed to believe me, at any rate, though it was a bit disconcerting that one of them didn't realize that it's standard to leave everything behind when you leave a lab). Then I went to the university for a bit of business--I've been copyediting papers for a professor there, and he's occasionally advised me on how to handle the paper thing--and once business wound down, he dropped the bomb: An Moens was fired from the university that morning. I don't think my plagiarism claim had much to do with it, since the outcome still hasn't been decided yet, but I don't think it helped much, either.

Anyway, then I ran into one of the students who used to work with An, and the poor girl ranted for two hours about everything that An did after I left (which included a smear campaign against me, apparently, to which I've responded on my blog), which in turn led to her discussing....MORE plagiarism. This time, by one of the co-authors. Unfortunately for me, this co-author is also a co-author on my review, meaning that some of the five paragraphs of not-my-writing is probably stolen, whether line-by-line or wholesale.

I told the committee this morning about my concerns, and told them that if they do recognize me as the rightful first author, I want the paper retracted (they might not decide until the end of summer). You can't win, even if you've won, apparently. But that's the beauty of my position: I don't need this article on my CV. And God knows, I don't need a plagiarism charge against me.
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