star-crossed cosmonaut (perplexigon) wrote in lab_gripes,
star-crossed cosmonaut

i am a clumsy dumbshit

now, as an undergrad, I suppose it's ok if I make a few mistakes here and there... the odd pipetting error, mixing up a sample or two sometimes...

but this morning I was helping my PI set up for a MACS sort that was a presort for a FACS sort scheduled at 12pm.

and I had just processed 9 mouse spleens for this through a cell strainer.

and he was handing the tube of cells to me from the centrifuge, so I could resuspend them and and lyse the RBCs.

and what do I do?

I drop the fucking tube of cells, and the 50ml falcon tube fucking shatters and spills cells everywhere.

so my PI had to run back down to the animal facility, get 9 more mice, and redo the whole thing.

what the fuck it's like I'm a butterfingers five year old... I can't believe this.

I kinda want to go put my head in the fume hood now.
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