silly little crustacean girl (ravenword) wrote in lab_gripes,
silly little crustacean girl


Does anyone know of a good anti beta-galactosidase antibody that works well for immunofluorescence? I know what you're thinking, use Xgal. But we're trying to find something that will detect the enzyme even after we've fixed the crap out of our tissue with paraformaldehyde.

I looked up some papers and found MANY Materials and Methods sections describing antibodies that have been discontinued or that were made by a company that doesn't exist anymore (even when restricting my search to the last two years or so), but found nothing currently useful. I wrote to the tech support people at the company that acquired one of the now-defunct companies and they recommended one of their products (AbD Serotec AHP1292), but I can't find any papers that have used it. Also contacted the PI of a lab that gave us the idea to find this antibody originally (his protocol refers to one that no longer exists) and haven't heard back.


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