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ELISAs [Nov. 1st, 2008|10:55 pm]
Lab Rats


So, first off, 'ello all!

Second, if anyone works with mice, perhaps you can help me with this question.

Do you know of any company (not R&D or PBL) that makes a good Interferon-alpha ELISA for mouse serum that is really sensitive? I just ran the R&D ELISA, know I did everything perfectly, and it stunk, royally. Thus I am frustrated at the lack of good ELISA readings (the standard curve wasn't even graphable!) and wondering if there is another good ELISA out there or if I need to start looking for other readouts for Interferon-alpha.

[User Picture]From: kevisannasdad
2008-11-03 02:41 pm (UTC)
Don't know if you are still thinking about what might have gone wrong, but it sounds to me like you just needed to leave the color development stage just a bit longer. I bet you followed SOP on that stage but sometimes if you wash a bit more thoroughly or abbreviate an incubation, even slightly, it reduces your sensitivity. Also, because ELISAs are so sensitive, it is a good idea to make sure your pipets are well calibrated.
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